Rune stones with nonsense inscriptions

On this page I have connected all the sites' nonsense inscriptions. We don't know if they were made by illiterate persons, or if they were supposed to have some kind of magical meaning. The word rune means "hidden". I have noticed that in a few occations there were two rune stones standing near each other : one with proper runes, and one that is illegible. It could be that the second one is a cheap copy; that the person who ordered it couldn't afford a rune-masters professional work, and had some relative to make a memorial with a cross, a serpent and a text.

As usual you can either pick the ones in the left frame, or you can use the previous/next. There are two rows of previous/next, and the upper one will bring you to the next rune stone in numeric order, while the bottom one will bring you to one of a similar topic.

Explore and enjoy.