Rune stones and other runic inscriptions


Here you'll find a lot of rune stones. I sorted them after province and number. Most of them are from Sweden, but there are some from other countries also. Inscriptions written with the oldest futhark all have a "U" after the number - like three of the rune stones from Blekinge, for example.

The stones from Skåne and Blekinge are regarded as Danish, because when they were carved those provinces belonged to Denmark. That's why they start with DR, just like the Danish ones....

Most of the rune stones in Sweden are from Uppland - there are more than 1000 of them from that province. I only went to Sigtuna and Uppsala.... and presto - almost 30 rune stone photos !

In October 2003, I went on a four-day trip down to Skåne to get photos from some interesting sites there (for my Stone-struck-site). Before I went away I studied the magnificent runic database, which is free for anyone to download from Samnordisk Runtextdatabas's site, and which contains most of the runic inscriptions in the world - what they say and where they are to be found. Then all you need is a detailed map and a lot of patience.... and sometimes luck. Anyway that's where I got the English translations of the texts. Without that database this site would not exist !

All the gold bracteates are to be found here. From there you can also continue to other topics, like the Elder Futhark, Ingvar the Far-Travelled rune stones, about people who built bridges, who died in England or in the east, nonsense inscriptions and rune stones made by rune-masters like Œpir, Balle, Fot, Tidkume and Livsten, etc. Click on the red arrows to switch topic.

I hope that you'll find the site easy to navigate through. Explore and enjoy. Share it with friends.




Last updated : 21 June, 2024