Sigbjôrn/Sæbjôrn and Sigdjarfr erected this stone in memory of Eysteinn and in memory of Sigdjarfr/Sædjarfr, their brothers. Hugall's/Hugaldr's sons erected this stone.

U 903
Västerby is situated a few kilometers west of Uppsala.

Jarl and Karl and Ígulbjôrn had these stones erected and this bridge made in memory of Jôfurr, their father.

U 904
I suppose that this rune stone is standing on its original site, cause there is a small stream just north of it. No sign of the original bridge, though. "had these stones erected", it says. The other rune stone is U 901, and it has an almost identical text. It's on permanent display in one of the buildings of Umeå university, in Umeå, in northern Sweden. Below is a picture of it from one of Raä's online pdf-files. Since it's connected to U 904, I had to show it. They were all carved by rune-master Åsmund.
U 901
As you can see, it has been broken in several pieces, and only two of them have been found. The picture has been interpreted as a burial-scene; probably it's Jôfurr himself that is mourned to the right.
I have never seen this rune stone myself, but Christer Hamp has, and he has got a photo of it on his excellent site.