These photos are from 2-3 visits in the late 1980's and early 1990's. In those days you were still allowed to walk freely among the thousands of standing stones that continue in 10-11 parallell lines almost 3 kilometers from Alignements du Menec via Alignements du Kermario and Alignements de Kerlescan to Alignements du Petit-Menec. The lines are not strictly parallell, and there are interruptions between Menec, Kermario, Kerlescan and Petit-Menec. There have been much damnage to the alignements during the 5300 years since the stones were raised. Stones have been used to build houses or they have been destroyed when the roads were buildt in the area. Upon this huge mound they built a small church. The alignements start with an eggshaped stone circle : cromlech du Menec.
I think that the bottom left photo is dolmen de Kerluir. Most of the photos above show the Alignements du Menec.
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