The oldest part of this monument is an enormous stone ship. Most of the stones are gone, but it is estimated to have been about 170 metres long. It continues into one of the mounds.... and those mounds are King Gorm and Queen Thyrve's mounds.
There are two rune stones, which say : King Gormr made this monument in memory of Þyrvé, his wife, Denmark's salvation. Then Gorm himself died and his son Harald Bluetooth had the second rune stone raised : King Haraldr ordered this monument made in memory of Gormr, his father, and in memory of Þyrvé, his mother; that Haraldr who won for himself all of Denmark and Norway and made the Danes Christian. I guess that Harald had a church raised here also, but not the one that stands there now, 'cause it's about 200 years younger.... Links straight to these rune stones on the rune-part of the site : DR 41 and DR 42
This is a Danish national monument and it's on UNESCO's list of World Heritage.
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