On this part of the site I will add a whole lot of photos of ancient monuments in different countries. Some of them has already appeared on my Stone-struck site. Here I will arrange the pages differently; in chronological order. Well, perhaps not strictly in chronological order, but in alphabetical order under Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age. Of course these periods of time differ from where you are, like Bronze Age for example, came later to Scandinavia than to Mediterranean countries, and ended later also. Stone Age is generally divided into different parts ( the Mesolithic, the Neolithic period, etc ), but I just use it as one period of time, to sort the ancient monuments from each other.

Ring of Brogar, Orkney Islands

Under Bronze Age I have added only one thing this far : petroglyphs, but on the other hand there are a whole lot of locations with rock carvings that you'll find there. It's an internet site of it's own, but I don't have the time to re-design it to fit this site - too much work. I'd rather focus on other things.

The last couple of years I've used a digital camera on my trips, and then I've taken much more photos than earlier, so on the pages with older photos you won't have the same amount of pictures. Anyway I see the Runes'n'ruins-site as a project that I will work with for many years, so there's no hurry in visiting those old places again, to get more / better photos.

Last updated : 19 March, 2020