Dolmen de la Table des Merchands

Once you have paid the entrance fee at the visitor's centre, you'll first pass Cairn et Tumulus d'Er Grah, then Le Grand Menhir Brisé, before you reach this big megalith grave. There are some fine Stone Age art inside the Table des Merchands.The most impressive one is in the ceiling. That stone was once a standing stone, about 15 meter tall, but I guess that, like Le grand menhir brisée, it must have fallen and broken into 3-4 pieces. One of the pieces was used as a roof-stone to this grave, and another one was used as a roof-stone to the great tumulus on the island of Gavrinis. There are carvings of a hachet and two long-horned animals on the stone. On Table des Merchands is the bottom part of the animal, while the back and the horns are on the roof-stone at Gavrinis, which is situated on an island, about four kilometers to the east. Recycling....
Below are old photos from 1990 and 1992, when they were still excavating the site. To the right is a screen capture from Google Earth, and also a photo I took at the information-sign, which shows the standing stone that was re-used as roofblocks to two megalith graves.
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