Anniversary !


This rune stone site has been out there on the internet for year now. The counter has reckoned about 830 visitors during that time, even though those figures are not to be counted on.... Those of you with modem-connection will be counted every time you visit the site, while the ones with the same IP-address all the time will only be counted once. Never mind. I'm glad so many of you have found your way here anyway !

So, how are we gonna celebrate that ? Some more stones, perhaps ?
First of all this gif-animation of the Sparlösa rune stone. I'm quite proud of it !

Vg 119

I was in Copenhagen the other day, and then I visited Nationalmusem : DR 187, DR 190, DR 220 and finally the inscriptions on the back of DR 230, which I didn't see last time. There's also DR 315 from central Copenhagen.... The Greenlandic Kingittorsuaq-stone is also supposed to be there at Nationalmusem, even though I didn't know it.

Some more updates : Öl 4 - originally from Resmo, Öland + two inscriptions from Bohuslän : Kleva and Rävsal.

A photo of the Codex Argenteus - it's here because of its connection to Theoderic, who is mentioned on the Rök stone....

That's all for now !