May God be gracious to Nikulás' soul and Bótþjóð's soul and Hróðþjóð's soul. Bótulfr in ... had me made.

G 292
Two grave slabs in floor of Lärbro church.

May God be gracious to Hegvarð's soul, which ... ... five thousand years and one year less then two hundred years were from Adam to God's birth, one thousand years and three hundred years and fifty years were from God's birth and to the Black Death.
G 293
This one was re-used with a later inscription in the middle of the slab.
Just like G 320 it looks like one of those "tree-of-life" stones that are very common in the province of Västergötland.... ( Vg 10 for example).
My friend Ogneslav sent me the pictures . Thanks !