Maes Howe

There are several runic inscriptions made by different carvers on this wall. You'll find it inside the Orcadian Stone Age grave Maes Howe.
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BR BARNES 23 M : §A This mound was constructed before Loðbrók's. Her sons, §B they were daring; such were men as they were of themselves (=they were the sort of people you would really call men).
BR BARNES 24 M : §A Jerusalem-travellers broke Orkhaugr. Hlíf, the earl's houskeeper, §B carved.
BR BARNES 25 M : In the north-west is great wealth concealed.
BR BARNES 26 M : It was long ago that great wealth was concealed here.
BR BARNES 27 M : Fortunate is he who can find the great riches.
BR BARNES 28 M : Hákon alone carried wealth out of this mound.
BR BARNES 29 M : Símon
BR BARNES 30 M : Sigríðr

Click on the photo to zoom in. I took this photo back in 1989, when it was still allowed to take photos inside Maes Howe.
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